Monday, September 5, 2016

It's About Time! SPCCF Starts A Blog

And they're off!  After months of discussing, postponing and finally getting  started, South Pacific County Community Foundation has a blog. 

Every communications format has its benefits and limitations. Much of our foundation news is not 'newsworthy' to local newspapers. For attention-getting headlines, you will have to look elsewhere. Also for tsunami updates, weather, road closures. . .  

The foundation posts community foundation news here, about new funds, scholarship winners, upcoming seminars, and other information that is 'news-worthy' for community foundations and our community. The short notes go to Facebook. The in-depth, detailed articles are here.  

Also look for articles on why community foundations exist, who they help, and how they operate, noteworthy donors, rising community issues, and planning for the future. Community foundations focus on present conditions and planning better futures. 

The mission is:  Improving the quality of life in south Pacific County.  This does not mean that the rest of Pacific County is ignored. Far from it, the foundation works throughout Pacific County to bring foundation services to local nonprofit organizations and institutional organizations.   

To read more about SPCCF, see the website at 
To contact SPCCF, send an email to

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