Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Grants Catalog Raises $3K for local organizations

June 12, 2018

South Pacific County Community Foundation hosted a spring Community Grants Catalog for the month of May. This grant catalog raised more than three thousand dollars for seven community grant proposals. 

These included two proposals from Peninsula Poverty Response, Food 4 Kids programs in Ocean Park and Long Beach/Ilwaco schools, Pack to School, Grass Roots Garbage Gang, and Timberland Regional Library’s summer reading program. 

Larry Shaver and Kat Shaver of OP Food 4 Kids accept a check from Todd Wiegardt, foundation president. 
The foundation will host a grants catalog again next spring, and asks that interested organizations contact the foundation ahead of time about details. Each participating organization submits a proposal to the catalog, and helps spread the word about its proposal to the community while this catalog is open, which was during May this year.  

Donations for the catalog can be made online or by mail when it is open. 

To learn more, write SPCCF at PO Box 75, Nahcotta WA 98637, email at info@spccf.org, or call 360-665-5292. 

The foundation also maintains  named funds for several organizations, which accept donations at any time during the year. These are online at spccf.org, ‘Give Now’ button, Funds tab.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spring 2018 Grants Catalog at SPCCF

Our first Grants Catalog is open for donations. There are seven grant proposals from local and regional nonprofits. Please take the time to go look at these proposals—each one is helping meet a specific need in our community. 

This is the direct link to the Grants Catalog:  https://spccf.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/list/grant
Timberland Regional Library's summer reading program last year gave a book to each child who finished, for many children, this was the first book of their own.

Q:  How do local nonprofits get their proposals included?
A:  SPCCF sends out a notice that we are accepting proposals, which those organizations fill out on line, or we complete for them. This time, we completed the requests for them. Then the foundation board reviews all the proposals and decides which ones to include.

Q:  What are the costs to each participating nonprofit?
A:  Nothing. SPCCF decided to match all expenses (credit card fees, about 2.4%) and waive our management fee (1%) for this catalog. Typical crowdfunding online costs over 10%. For this local grants catalog, a dollar donated is a dollar that will go to the participating nonprofit. 

Q:  How long will this catalog be open?
A:  It started on April 25th and will close on May 31st. 

Q:  When will nonprofits get their grants?
A:  Soon after the catalog closes, within two weeks, by mid June. 

Q:  How do I get my organization’s proposal in the next Grants Catalog?
A:  Contact SPCCF, tell us what you would like to propose, and we will help set you up for the next one. We look for proposals for specific projects within each organization, plus cost for that project.

[See your organization's logo here, next year!]

Q:  Who participated this time?
A:  These are the current participants:
Back to School Program, sponsored by Peninsula Baptist Church
Community Beach Cleanup, AKA Grassroots Garbage Gang
Food 4 Kids Programs, sponsored by Long Beach Elks and Ocean Park United Methodist Church
Peninsula Poverty Response
Timberland Regional Library

Q:  This is an online donation program, so what is the minimum donation?
A:  Five dollars ($5) is the minimum. For $35, you can donate $5 to each proposal! Give it a try: 

Last day to donate is May 31st, 2018. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

The South Pacific County Community Foundation: A Growing Philosophy of Philanthropy

Stephanie Fritts, Board Member
January 18, 2018

Joining the SPCCF Board in mid-2017 has been both a challenge and a pleasure.  I vowed after retirement at the end of December 2016, to commit to nothing for one year.  So much for that vow…. but that said, I could not pass up the opportunity to work toward improving life in South Pacific County.  It wasn’t simple to get myself “up-to-speed” on the workings and plans of the SPCCF, but after several meetings, and a board retreat, I think I’m there.  And what I’ve found is that the initial attraction that lured me to the organization is indeed the central focus of its work:  a philosophy of philanthropy.  

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse on a stormy day
in January, 2018. Lighthouses are symbols
of leadership, helping us to find our way in perilous

Yes - there are a lot of “charitable” organizations in south Pacific County.  But there is a difference between charity and philanthropy.  Most often, we are able only to relieve the symptoms (pain) of our local social problems, and that is what most charitable organizations work does.  Philanthropy, however, attempts to solve the roots causes of those social problems.  That is the mission of the South Pacific County Community Foundation:  “Demonstrate innovative leadership in philanthropy and foster a dynamic community.”   That mission is the driving factor behind SPCCF and also what led me to break that early vow and commit to a three year term on the board.  

It is my intent (and that of the board) that the dollars invested in the SPCCF will improve lives, inspire change, challenge ideas, and open minds.  I am but one of many, however I truly believe the entire board is committed in the same fashion.  

I recently read that the tradition of the ancient Greeks was that philanthropy was inseparable from moral philosophy:   Good works and giving what we can for the good of others is pretty much the whole point of being human.  I would say that I believe this to be true.  

Bottom line, it’s all about being a kinder human - speaking in a positive fashion, eliminating contempt, distrain, and disrespect from our words, attitude and outlook.  We can replace that with a philosophy of philanthropy - in our words, in our deeds, and in the bottom line, with our money.  Help SPCCF find the root causes of the problems in south Pacific County, and assist with the solutions.  

All of this leads to a consideration - there are currently a couple of open positions on the board.  Board members are expected to participate at both the meeting and the “behind the scenes” levels (I’m writing this essay on my own time….), to support the mission of the organization, and to give (as in a donation).  Are you interested in serving and joining in a philosophy of philanthropy?  Interested persons are welcome to contact a board member to ascertain if all positions are full, and to potentially accompany them to a couple of board meetings.  

Give it some serious consideration - simply a donation, or more, through both service and a donation.  You can also adopt the philosophy of philanthropy and make our community the best place it can be.